The iRocking iPhone app (available on the App Store) is the only tool a band will need – other they there instruments, amps, speakers mikes…. you see they have so much kit already, this is so convenient, it goes on something they probably already have, an iPhone.

iRocking was created with the budding band in mind, starting out on the road to getting there name know and getting gigs. Although the main focus is new bands with a section that includes press kits and sample letters to get them started on there gigging road, as the app has over 500 venues in the database it can also be a great tool for the well weathered band as well. Each venue has a list of information including the type of music the venue usually plays, capacity, contact information of promoters and maps for location and directions.

The venue location function is versatile. Venues can be browsed by country (England, Scotland, Wales etc.), name, or there is a near me function, which picks up your current location and gives you a list of venues in your area, great for bands wanting to keep it local.

There are a number of updates that are in the pipeline due to be released soon, venues in Australia and New Zealand, upgraded features and graphics and a little further down the road, American venues will be added as well.

All this at your finger tips, this quick and convenient app will be saving people so much time that there will be so much more time for practicing and therefor much better bands in England – just doing our bit for the music scene.

Download iRocking from the App Store now and get gigging!

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